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UniteUp ซับไทย ตอนที่ 4

At the live performance, Akira is moved by the presence of Daiki, who looks like the main character of Akira’s favorite hero anime, “Crossfire.” Revved up, Akira and his group get inspired for their lessons, but the dance lessons particularly seem hopeless. Later, it’s decided that the three of them will get to participate in a commercial shoot as LEGIT’s backup dancers. Although there’s not much time before filming begins, LEGIT gives them one-on-one dance lessons. Akira, who fretfully practices yet makes little progress, begins feeling impatient and makes a proposal to Banri and Chihiro.


Views: 15

Serie: UniteUp!


Episode Title: Let's Prevail & Unite

Air Date: 2023-02-11