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Kizuna no Allele เชื่อมโลกทั้งใบหัวใจสู้ฝัน ซับไทย ตอนที่ 10

Unfortunately, Miracle failed to get first place in the “Ultimate”. This means that she lost the chance to perform in front of all the students. An impatient Miracle tries to seek advice from someone, but Liz yells at her, saying that Miracle is “a person who always depends on others.” With her ranking stagnating and Liz’s words piercing her heart, Miracle loses track of her own performance. Chris and Noel are worried that “she doesn’t seem like Miracle”, as Miracle’s rankings drop.


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Serie: Kizuna no Allele


Episode Title: What It Means to Be Me

Air Date: 2023-06-06